No, not a dusty town in outback NSW – mingalaba is ‘hello’ in Myanmar. I can remember hello but ‘thank you’ is proving trickier – jay zu din ba de. I’ll keep practising. M has it down already. Having been in Yangon a couple of days we’re having a great time getting back into Asian life. Sightseeing yesterday included the Bogyoke Market, where we discovered a great coffee seller and had a good look round. In the afternoon, we visited the Botataung Pagoda, which has an unusual zigzag interior design.

This coffee seller was a lovely guy – M bought a cup of coffee but we didn’t have a small enough note to pay for it. The seller was unconcerned and encouraged us to sit and enjoy the coffee first. As it was excellent coffee it was easy to buy some beans as well and resolve the ‘no-change’ dilemma. Absolutely recommended if you’re heading to the market.
Where we’ve been in Yangon so far there are plenty of betel nut users – hence the ‘no spitting’ sign at the market.
Loved the poster accompanying the ‘Traditional *wears*’ shop – can’t imagine it ever gets cold enough to need a military-style overcoat…
Gorgeous golden zigzag interior of the main Botataung Pagoda. The ‘sunwise’ swastika is considered an auspicious sign in Buddhism (so google tells me).