Usually I don’t like showing my toes in public, but in Myanmar it’s a necessity if you want to visit any pagodas, monasteries, homes and even some shops. Having learned from our previous pagoda visit that the tiled courtyards can get very warm for bare (western/soft) feet in the afternoon sun, we decided to get an early start to experience the Shwedagon Pagoda. Which is truly amazing = plenty of gold, jewels and detailed mosaics.

The rules of entry are simple – no bare knees, no bare shoulders, no shoes or socks, no drones.
Side view of the southern gate
The gold stupas were beautiful in the morning light. There is an incredible amount of precious stones and jewellery on the very top of the main stupa.
Depending on what day and time you were born, there is a particular space to worship – this is the Wednesday morning corner.
Shwedagon Paya is one of the most impressive sites I’ve seen for mosaics – such detail. 

By the way, any handy wipes given to you before or after a pagoda visit are probably for your feet. Not for your hands once you’ve put your dusty shoes back on. I would never make that mistake.