Getting to Lop Buri

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about going to Lop Buri. About 6 years ago we went through on the train to Chiang Mai and saw monkeys wandering the train tracks and the streets – and M was keen to go back. I love watching monkeys – but I don’t want them on my head. Anyway, it transpired that a Thai friend of ours comes from Lop Buri – so it was an additional reason to make a stop on this trip.

It was a relatively short ride from Phitsanulok – about 4 hours. We could only buy train tickets on the day, and only 3rd class was available, which means harder seats and more sweat. Our wait for the train at Phitsanulok was quite enjoyable – there was an excellent food market right next door which helped pass the time, and we also bought some dumplings for lunch.

Luckily when we reached the other end, it was only a 5 minute walk from the train station to the wonderful Noom Guesthouse.