A clear day in Tokyo – Tues pt2

After observing Tokyo from above, we headed to Gotokuji. The area is known for its eponymous cat temple, which I’ve wanted to go to ever since seeing Sans Soleil. The temple was great, as was the main street of Gotokuji, which you had to walk down to get to said temple. If we’d been there earlier in the day I would have tried a beverage from Iron Coffee. There was also a sweet potato shop ( which smelt great), a wonderful shoe shop and lots of locals riding bikes and going about their lives. We had tasty spicy Chinese noodles for lunch in a strange little home restaurant on our way to the temple, which also sported the fetching beer flag above (although it seemed no beer was on offer. Maybe it’s iced tea?)

Inside the gates of Gotokuji Temple
more cats
even more cats
Strangely, the temple notice board had not one but two notices of missing budgies.
Tori gate, Meiji Shrine

The temple grounds include a Buddhist cemetery, which has a number of old headstones. A wonderful location to visit.

On the way home we walked to the Meiji Shrine, one of the more famous religious sites in Tokyo. Maybe it was because it was towards the end of a long (and chilly) day, and we only had time for a short visit, but this place didn’t do a lot for me, although I’m glad I had the experience. It was very busy tourist wise, and the main shrine and a side entrance were tastefully scaffolded (which we had been warned about) as it’s being renovated. I bet the park would be great for a visit on a warm spring day.