Tokyo to Nagoya

I was so excited to be going on a fast train for the first time. So were the 50 or so Australians on tour that arrived at the station and lined up for the same car we were booked on. So it was a relatively noisy first ride, but a great trip. We were sitting on the right side (i.e. on the right) to see Mt Fuji, and it was fast and smooth. We arrived safely in Nagoya very late in the afternoon and decided to go for a walk to get in some exercise for the day. We walked up to the castle (but haven’t been in yet) and to the Aichi Gokuku Shrine. Then a walk around Fushimi/Sakae. Nagoya is a cyclist’s town – I’ve never seen so many bikes parked before. We’re working on hiring some so we can get a ride in before we leave.

Fast train (obviously)
Mt Fuji!
IMG_2682 Nagoya Station
Nagoya Station – the city’s mascot (I think)
IMG_2691 Aichi Gokoku Shrine
Aichi Gokuku Shrine
Streets of Nagoya