Wednesday in Tokyo

We headed to central Tokyo to see the Imperial Palace East Garden. After walking part way round the Palace perimeter, we went into the Garden at the Otemon Gate, which was really busy. First there is a random bag search, and then you proceed to the ticket office where they give you a plastic tag. Admission is free but in this way they restrict numbers. It’s a huge park – we walked across, went out the Kitahanebashimon Gate and serendipitously had lunch at the Art Gallery terrace cafe. Then walked back into the gardens via the Hirakaramon Gate. This is a good entrance if you want to take photos of a gate with no others around – it was much quieter. And the cafe was a good location for lunch – we just missed the bento box of the day but had a sushi set (sushi and iced green tea), and a view, for just Y500.

We then went to Shibuya to watch people crossing the road. Oh, and to stop for a drink and snack.