Alambi Cloud Forest – Día 2

After experiencing Refugio Paz de las aves, we headed back to Alambi Lodge. Jairo filled the bird feeders, we had breakfast and then we headed up the road to see what we could see.


Spot the Purple Throated Woodstar (female) ready to dive in

The weather was fine, so we parked and walked for more bird spotting, including hiking up the road to the San Jose waterfall. We finished off our visit with a wonderful lunch of rainbow trout from one of the nearby farms before heading back to the city.

Although I love walking in the country and admiring beautiful birds, I am not much of a birder. But staying for a night at Alambi and having many opportunities to see not only hummingbirds but many other species as well, coupled with Jairo’s enthusiam and knowledge, even had me remembering bird names and hoping we would see the species Jairo could hear calling in the forest. The Beryl Spangled Tanger was a particular favourite – what a great name. Also the Booted Racket tail – you should see the fluffy ‘boots’ of the male … oh no, what’s happening to me…